Replacing your Existing Insulation

Why do I need to replace my old Insulation?

Damaged or Ineffective Insulation

Insulating your home can help drastically reduce your heating and cooling bills each month.

When properly installed, roof insulation can decrease your energy bill by about 20% or more per month. Most heat enters/exits via the roof and ceiling; therefore it is important to prevent this by ensuring that your insulation is working effectively. 

Just 5% gaps in your ceiling insulation = a 50% reduction in the insulations effectiveness. 

Many people think that once you have insulation installed you will never have to think about it again. Insulation should be replaced every 20-25 years to feel its full potential.

Unless of course your insulation has been damaged, it may require replacement a lot sooner.

Health Risks

As you can imagine over several years the build-up of dust, dirt and rubbish as well as vermin fesses and nests can be quite significant and with no roof cavity airtight these hazards can seep through even the smallest of cracks, not to mention things such as ventilation fans, light fittings, ducts etc, spreading unwanted germs into the air in your house.

For those of you who suffer from Asthma/Dust allergies the dust build up in your roof area can be a major health risk and the removal of this preventable trigger can help you breathe easy and leave you with less irritation.

The type of insulation that you have in your roof can also have different effects on people’s health; the newer material used has less allergy triggers and in some cases are completely allergy free.

Safety Risks

The percentage of house fires that begin in the roof is growing rapidly every year. While down lights are an extremely popular choice of lighting these days, they can also be extremely dangerous if not correctly covered.

It is a major problem that is not made known enough! Exposed High temperature down lights in a ceiling is an accident waiting to happen that can easily be prevented.

Movement in the ceiling caused by rodents, nesting birds and even people, can easily cause unfixed or loose material to move against just one down light (among many?) that can reach a temperature of 200-300degrees.

As you can imagine old dry insulation would not take long to ignite. Another scary reality is that smoke alarms can give people with a false sense of security rarely detecting ceiling fires by the time you realise what is happening it is generally too late. 

Noise Proofing

Noise is something that we live with every day and these days it is hard to get away from.

Obviously loud noises can cause health problems however now doctors and are saying that even low levels of noise over long periods can have an affect our health in many different ways including raised blood pressure and sleeping problems.

Noise control using acoustic insulation products are the answer.

Most insulation materials these days are made with an acoustic block out material that can help eliminate unwanted noises from both outside the house and other rooms within the house.

New Insulation

Great results

Expertly supplied Insulation will make your home noticeably more temperate.

Floor insulation will make getting out of bed in winter much more appealing, and sound insulation can block out most unwanted noise.

Our insulation professionals do a great job, ensuring that your insulation is perfectly installed. 

Cost-effective solutions

Beat the rising cost of energy bills, and help the environment by reducing your greenhouse gas emissions. Insulation is a cost-effective temperature management solution for your home.

For the once-off price of installation, you'll save on energy bills for years to come.