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When choosing the best insulation type it can be quite confusing, let me try to make the choice a little easier.


  • The R-value of a material describes its thermal resistance — how much the material inhibits the transfer of heat. The higher the R-value, the more effective the level of insulation. Your Initial considerations should be 
  • Where do you live? You need to establish whether you want to predominantly keep the heat out or in or a bit of both.
  • If you are retro-fitting, inspect your ceiling space, wall cavities and sub-flooring to see how much room there is – this determines your insulation choice.
  • Thermal or acoustic (sound) insulation or both? Insulation that works well thermally may not have the same effectiveness acoustically. So for example, a house near a railway line will require better acoustic insulation than a home in a quiet area.
  • Are you building a new home, adding an extension or retro-fitting insulation into an existing home? The best time for installing insulation is when you are building or renovating. It is much harder to install afterwards and will limit insulation choice.

Some building materials such as aerated concrete bricks and a selection of wood fibre boards have insulating properties so factor this into your insulation choice.

Since July 1 2006, the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) has stipulated that all new homes must have a five-star energy rating. Check your state authority for details. 

Two types of Insulation

There are two main types of insulation; some people use a combination of both.

Bulk insulation works as a physical barrier to the flow of heat. Types include Glasswool, Earthwool, Polyester, Rockwool and Sheepswool.


  • Very effective in cooler climates
  • Can double well as acoustic insulatiom


  • Will lose effectiveness when damp
  • Irritation to skin, nose and eyes can occur when installing some types 

Reflective insulation As the name suggests, reflective insulation works by reflecting heat away with its polished metallic surface. Types include Sisalation, foil boards and foil batts.


  • Very effective in warmer climates
  • Acts as barrier to moisture
  • Takes up less room than bulk insulation


  • Needs to be combined with bulk insulation to be effective during winter in cooler climates
  • Dust can settle on its surface, reducing effectiveness  

How Does Insulation Work?

Heat always travels towards cooler areas. Insulation works by reducing the amount of heat entering from outside your home when it’s hot, and trapping warmth inside when it’s cold outside.

Heat is transferred in three ways:

  • Conduction is the direct transfer of heat through solid materials. A metal poker put into a fire is heated through conduction.
  • Convection involves the transport of heat via the movement of gases or liquids. You’ll feel convection taking place in a two-storey house — the heat rises from the lower floor to the top.
  • Radiation is the transfer of heat across space from a warm body to a cold one — an example is the heat emitted by a bar radiator.

Insulation materials work by affecting some or all of the above three ways of heat transfer.

Thermal insulation

Insulation Instalation

Thermal insulation involves placing insulation batts in your roof, walls, and under your floors. These panels help maintain the temperature of your home, reducing the need for energy-powered heating and cooling.  

To find our more about the insulation solution that best suits you, call us on 0408 585 574. 

Thermal Insulation Batts Include..

  • Glasswool
  • Earthwool
  • Polyester

Sound insulation

sound insulation

Noise pollution can be a major issue, especially in city areas. Noise from traffic, neighbours with adjoining walls, or even foot traffic can disturb the few hours you get to relax at home each day. Solve noise issues with sound insulation from Insulation Removals.

Our insulation batts can effectively reduce audible noise in your home, office, or commercial property. 

Sound Proofing Insulation Batts Include...

  • Rockwool

Commercial insulation

commercial insulation

No job is too big or too small for our team. Insulation Removals can handle insulation installation/removal for:

  • Domestic customers
  • Commercial properties
  • Large residential developments

Contact us today to find out more, or to arrange an estimate for insulating your place of business. 

Allergy Free Insulation Batts include...

  • Polyester

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