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As a family owned and run business you can be sure you are getting the job done properly, to your satisfaction, at the right price and with a full guarantee. Insulation Removals offers competitive prices  and reliable insulation services.

Removal of your Existing Insulation

How we remove the old insulation…

Our company uses only the most efficient and up to date technology to ensure that the job is done to the customer’s satisfaction. As there are two different types of insulation, loose or batts they are removed in different ways.

Our Trucks are mounted with a large Vacuum Tank purposely built to remove Insulation and Dust from your ceiling cavity.

It is a very powerful machine that transfers the old loose material via a 75mm vacuum hose (capable of reaching 50 meters) through proper Hepa filters to a bag house with minimal human contact and exposing very little material to the outside air.

Old Batts are bagged up by hand and then the vacuum system is used to remove any excess material/dust left behind.The Bags of old insulation are then transposed of in accordance with Environmental standards.

Roof cavity cleaning

For comprehensive insulation solutions at a fantastic rate, Contact us today.

Old Insulation

All types of old Insulation Removed

  • Loose Fibre glass
  • Foam and Dust
  • Loose Rock wool
  • Seaweed
  • Cellulose Fibre
  • Old Batts 

Replacing your Existing Insulation

We can Supply and Install your New Insulation

  • Glasswool batts
  • Polyester batts 
  • Earthwool batts
  • Rockwool batts

Installation Only

Installation of Material on SIte

If you have purchased the stock yourself, and require it to be installed, Insulation Removals are happy to do this for you.

We service all Domestic, Commercial and Industrial sites, Covering Melbourne Metro, Geelong, Peninsula, Ballarat, Warragal & Gippsland areas.